Mandarin Pure Essential Oil

Botanical Name: Citrus reticulata

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

Country of Origin: Australia

Source: Fruit Peel

Colour, Consistency and Aroma: Yellow to orange in colour with a zesty sweet odour. Top note with a light aroma.

Blends with: Lime, orange, lemon, grapefruit, clove bud, bergamot, lavender, lime, neroli, palmarosa, petitgrain.

Mandarin essential oil is expressed from the peel of the ripe fruit. It has an intense, deliciously sweet, citrus-floral aroma which blends well with other citrus oils and floral oils.

Mandarin oil not only smells good, but has many beneficial properties. It is one of the most effective aromatherapy oils that are non-toxic and non-sensitizing. Mandarin oil clears the mind and is somewhat sedative in nature. It does however have photo-toxic properties and the sun must be avoided after application to the skin. Do not apply to the skin without first being diluted in a carrier oil.

Mandarin oil uses
Mandarin oil can be used in lotions and oil blends and is especially good for ageing and mature skin. It can be added to baths and to massage oils. When used in diffuser blends it acts as a pick-me-up and is also calming, helping to reduce stress. Used in hair products it works to nourish the scalp and the hair.

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